Hotel Room Safes & Security

With a diverse line of reliable and innovative electronic safes, Global Safe offers laptop safes,drawer safes, wall safes to ensure that the safes best fit your needs, you can even choose custom colors and sizes engineered to your specifications.

  • 15" & 17" Laptop, 15" & 17" Drawer, and 17" Wall Safes
  • Electronic digital function
  • ADA compliant illuminated keypad
  • Fully motorized with two locking bolts
  • Electrostatic powder coat paint finish
  • LED display
  • Audit trail
  • Emergency openings by electronic override & mechanical key
  • Formula Blue IHG Safes available

Our 15″ laptop safes provide the space necessary for modern travelers within smaller rooms. With room for a tablet, this safe provides storage for important valuables when space is limited.

Our 17″ laptop safes provide all the space necessary for travelers with a larger quantity of valuables. Fitting larger items and travel size laptops, there is also plenty of additional room for small purses and any other sizable digital equipment your guests might need to store.

Our 19″ laptop safes provide all the roomy space your guests could need for electronic equipment such as a laptop, any medium sized bags and other valuable items.

  • Fully integrated panel w/ USB port access
  • 3-Way override system w/ concealed mechanical lock
  • Digital lighted display
  • Self-diagnostic troubleshooting display
  • 18mm twin-bolt locking mechanism
  • Deep sound-tone push button confirmation
  • Comprehensive audit trail for staff & user accountability
  • Internal LED strip light
  • Inside safe carpet
  • Easy access battery change
  • Insertion protection door

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