TV Servers

Hospitality TV Servers are customized content delivery systems to multiple TVs from a central location - providing guests with personalized information and a digital concierge.

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It’s not just a TV, it’s an in-room concierge

Regardless of the type of property or infrastructure, today’s guests expect a differentiated, luxurious experience that offers the same comfort and convenience they enjoy at home. Samsung’s LYNK REACH 4.0 (Remote Enhanced Active Control for Hospitality) content management solution enables hoteliers to provide guests a personalized in-room experience with an at-home feel, while simultaneously improving operational efficiency.

Keep your guests informed

With LYNK REACH, you can offer your guests easy access to a wide variety of information and services. Depending on your infrastructure, services can include billing information, flight information, language settings, wake-up call, weather and more.

Keep your guests entertained

LYNK REACH provides channel management capabilities including a customizable interactive program guide. Additionally, with third-party casting services, your guests can connect their mobile devices to the in-room screen. With a few easy steps, they can access 1000+ apps for an exceptional entertainment experience.

Reinforce your brand

Extend your hospitality beyond your front lobby and into your rooms for a tailored, personalized guest experience. With the fully customizable Graphical User Interface (GUI), you can choose from the pre-built templates or upload your own assets to develop a GUI from scratch. Plus, Samsung has a network of certified REACH integration partners who can also provide turnkey solutions.

Control content on hundreds of TVs at once

Eliminate room-by-room visits to each guest room by using a single-location remote solution. The REACH (RF) Server delivers updated firmware and other settings to TVs through RF signals. REACH (IP) is also available for centralized control of SMART hospitality TVs without the need of additional hardware. Updates are simple and simultaneous.

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Hospitality1 understands your property is unique. We specialize in creating custom quotes. Request a custom proposal.

Pro:Centric acts as a digital concierge – guests are presented with a branded user interface on the television and can view “electronic billboards”, which present information on hotel amenities such as restaurants, bars, fitness and business centers; or use the interactive Electronic Program Guide (EPG) to select their favorite sitcom or find the premium movie channels.

The hotel staff can customize and update the billboards to promote amenities and services that benefit their guests. The ability to quickly and easily add or update information creates real savings in printing and distribution costs and enables more timely presentation of pertinent and valuable information to guests.


When guests benefit, hotels benefit. By providing a simple means of access to entertainment and hotel services, Pro:Centric improves guest satisfaction and promotes a consistent revenue stream for your property.

The cost-effective delivery of uniform services and features across both RF (radio frequency) and IP (internet protocol) based networks eliminates the need for additional hardware such as a set-top box in the room. Pro:Centric also offers the additional benefit of remote programming of the televisions’ configuration files, (channel map and installer menu items), thereby saving the costs of room visits to modify these settings.

Offer Your Guests a Second-to-None Hotel Experience

Customizable Welcome Screen: Let your guests feel a warm and personal stay with the function to program customized name greetings.

Informative & Up-to-Date: Provide guests with the power to receive updated information on weather, hotel amenities and other television programs right at the comfort of their hotel rooms.

Multi-Angle Display Stand: The commercial-grade stand allows your guests to enjoy their program from any angle, while having the option to be secured to the table for security’s sake.

Better Energy Efficiency: Enjoy cost savings and stay green with better power management on the TV sets, through features such as Dynamic Power Savings and Static Power Savings.

Superb Ease of Management & Maintenance: Easily clone TV settings from a designated master TV to all other TV sets through a USB memory device. With diagnostics that can be stored to the USB device, let service engineers easily troubleshoot, identify and resolve technical issues.

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Hospitality1 understands your property is unique. We specialize in creating custom quotes. Request a custom proposal.