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HygenX™ Vray High-Intensity Portable Cordless UV-C Sanitizer Kills 99.9% of Bacteria

Easily, quickly and safely clean and sanitize all objects and surfaces with HygenX™ Vray, with UV-C light that kills 99.9% of bacteria on everyday items, used and shared, in today’s classrooms, offices and homes.

Lightweight and cordless, Vray is designed for easy portability and features a rechargeable battery. Capable of hands-free and portable operation, Vray can be used to clean anywhere and anything in a classroom, home or office, even large toys, keyboards, instrument panels, touchscreens, etc.

A patented safety sensor is activated as the unit is turned on, and Vray turns off automatically when the unit is tilted 30° in either direction, to prevent exposure to skin and eyes, and ensures exposure only to the intended sanitation target. There is also an option to turn off the safe mode to allow sanitization of odd shaped and larger objects.

The HygenX™ Vray UV-C lamps are encased in shatter-safe coating ensuring if the lamp breaks, it will break internally within the casing with no glass fragments to clean up.

HygenX™ Vray will give you ease of use, safety and peace of mind to ensure every shared item, every object and every spot in any room is clean!

The HygenX™ Vray is lab tested!

According to the Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology, Center for Convergent Research of Emerging Virus Infection, which conducted independent testing of the HygenX™ Vray on the human coronavirus strain, the Vray eliminated 99.997% of the coronavirus when used as follows:

− Hold Vray up to 10cm (approx. 4”) from the object being sanitized for 1-2 minutes
− Hold Vray up to 20cm (approx. 8”) from the object being sanitized for a minimum of 5 minutes


Lamp: Philips UV-C lamp 8W with safe coating
Battery: Rechargeable Lithium-Ion
Adapter: 100-240V, 50-60Hz, 12V 2.0A
Charging time: Approx. 2 hours
Operation time: Approx. 3.5 hours
UV-C lamp life: Approx. 8,000 hours
Vray is an ozone-free product
Kills 99.9% of:

  • Coronavirus
  • Bacillus
  • Vibrio
  • Pseudomonas
  • Aeruginosa
  • E. Coli
  • Klebsiella
  • Pneumoniae
  • MRSA
  • Salmonella
  • Staphylococcus Aureus
  • Escherichia

Warranty: 1 year

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Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

No Touch | Bulk Refill Compatible | SD01

The SD01 is equipped with an intelligent infrared sensor that automatically sanitizes your hands with a gel sanitizer. The SD01 is ideal to set up in common areas for a quick hand sanitizing, stylish, and fits  perfectly with most decor. The dispenser holds up to 1000mL for less frequent refills.

Eliminate cross-contamination

Improved infrared sensor technology

Lockable cover design

Low power light indicator

Visible window level


  • Automatically dispenses the perfect amount of most gel sanitizers in 1 shot.
  • Sleek look to fit most decor
  • Available in different models.
  • Improved infrared sensor technology.
  • Drip tray
  • Visible window level
  • Low power light indicator
  • Lockable cover design
  • 1000 ml plastic container
  • Optional AC / DC adapter

SD01 Wall Mount Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Wall-mount model
Part # SD01-WM

SD01 Freestanding Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Freestanding model
Part # SD01-FS

4 x LR6 / AA batteries

Optional AC / DC adapter

Hand Sanitizing Cleansing Gel

  • Kills 99.9% germs and bacteria
  • 75% alcohol
  • Aloe moisturizer
  • Uses natural food-grade alcohol, friendlier to the skin than regular alcohol
  • Pharmaceutical grade glycerin emollients keep skin moist and soft
  • Scent-free
  • 1000ml bag
  • 12 bags per case


Hand Sanitizer Gel

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Contactless Infrared Thermometer

Fast & Accurate Readings | Forehead Temperature Measurement | FDA Cleared

German Made High Precision Infrared Sensor

The TF02 measures temperature by using German-made high precision contactless infrared sensor technology. This allows you to safely use the thermometer and significantly reduce the risk of virus spread.

Fast & Accurate Measurement

TF02 is fast and comprehensive. It adopts the optical principle. Measurement accuracy is controlled at ± 0.2 oF.

High Definition Display

The TF02 has an easy to read HD LED display.

Straightforward Operation

The TF02 supports one-key temperature measurement. It will quickly measure the temperature within one second. Automatically shuts down when not operated within 60-seconds.

Large LED Screen

Auto Shut-Off Function

Fast & Accurate Forehead Temperature Measurement

High-Temperature Warning

32 Sets of Memory

TF02 Contactless Infrared Thermometer

  • German Made High Precision Infrared Sensor
  • Forehead temperature
  • Fast & accurate measurement
  • Auto shut-off function
  • HD LED Display
  • Fever alarm function
  • Simple Operation


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Disinfectant Handheld Fogger Kit

Sanitizing Solution For Any Space

The disinfectant handheld fogger kit is recommended for guest rooms and high traffic areas across the property. This method of sanitizing can be safely used around sensitive electronic and guest areas with its non-irritating, fragrance-free formula. Equip your staff with personal protective equipment, disinfecting solutions and the tools necessary to help protect your guests.


  • Aseptic Plus+ kills: legionella, mold, mildew and other allergens, odors, viruses, bacteria, and CORONAVIRUS
  • Non-corrosive: will not damage your sensitive electronics and technology
  • Ecologically safe and no rinse required
  • EPA: registered
  • NSF-certified: safe for use on food contact surfaces
  • Non-irritating
  • Fragrance-free: eliminates allergens at the source

Kit Includes:

1 x Disinfectant Handheld Fogger
1 x 5 Gallon Aseptic Plus Disinfectant Solution
1 x Drum Faucet
2 x Pairs of Gloves
2 x Masks
1 x 24oz Spray Bottle
10 x Clinically Clean Certificates
1 x USB flash drive containing Digital Manual and Training Videos

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