A convenient hospitality TV management solution that enables property managers to centrally control and display customized content on multiple Samsung hospitality TVs, providing guests with an in-room experience that makes them feel right at home.

Centralized content management with LYNK® REACH


Samsung’s LYNK™ REACH (Remote Enhanced Active Control for Hospitality) content management solution enables hoteliers to provide a personalized guest experience, while simultaneously improving their own operational efficiency. The fully integrated LYNK REACH 4.0 system gives hotel managers visibility into and control of hundreds of on-site displays through a central server, and elevates these displays into all-in-one hubs for personalized content, application and channel access.

Additionally, LYNK REACH accommodates any new or existing hospitality communication infrastructure, including coax, LAN and WI-FI, to drive faster and easier implementation. By promoting effective in-room communication and eliminating laborious maintenance tasks, LYNK REACH enables hotels to enhance guest stays at a reduced cost.


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RF Version
IP Version
Network Infrastructure
  • Coax only
  • LAN or Wi-Fi
  • (but LAN recommended)
Compatible TVs
  • Non-smart and smart hospitality TVs
  • Smart hospitality TVs only
PMS Integration
  • Not available
  • Available but requires additional
  • services from Telkonet
Network Infrastructure
  • Samsung provides server with embedded software
  • Hotel to supply own server
  • Samsung to provide software only
Compatible TVs

Upfront, one-time cost for server

  • Upfront, one-time cost on all license fees
  • Annual Maintenance fee (first year is required, subsequent years are optional)


Manage content over coax
  • Compatible with all and only Samsung hospitality models, including non-smart and smart
  • Pushes content to in-room displays over coax network
  • Only requires (1) Samsung server per property to be installed with head-end

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Manage content over WI-FI or LAN
  • Compatible with only Samsung smart hospitality models such as the NF690 and NJ690U series
  • Ability to push content over WI-FI as long as network meets minimum bandwidth requirements
  • Hotel to supply own server

Customizable Graphical User Interface


Information with the Click of a Remote

  • In-room amenities including WI-FI and phone information
  • In-room dining menu or on-site restaurants with hours and location
  • Other amenities like fitness center, massage/spa, pool, laundry, etc.
  • Loyalty or rewards program details
  • Guide to local attractions, restaurants and other businesses
  • Entertainment options with program guide for free-to-guest content or mobile device casting (if available)

Free Customizable Channel Guide

  • LYNK REACH allows hoteliers to create a customizable channel guide for free with program information pulled from ROVI® based on the hotel’s free-to-guest content
  • the hotel’s free-to-guest content With REACH, channel numbers can be changed to appear as a different number to the guest.
    • For example, all news channels can be clustered together to appear in numerical order or branded video channels can be moved up to be more prominent and easily accessible
  • Graphical user interface created in REACH will always be the first page and immediately appears when TV is powered on each time

*This design (look & feel) only available on smart models with Tizen operating system

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Hospitality1 understands your property is unique. We specialize in creating custom quotes. Request a custom proposal.

Integrate Google Chromecast

  • LYNK REACH is compatible with third-party casting solutions such as Teledapt’s Room-Cast™, SONIFI’s StayCast®, or GuestTek myMedia
  • Casting button can be added to the welcome page so that guests can easily change the source and see a customizable instructions page for easy viewing experience

Smarter Guest Experience with H-Browser

For hoteliers looking to utilize interactive guest engagement and entertainment systems developed by system integrators such as GuestTek or Exceptional Innovation, Samsung offers H-Browser. A smart TV solution, H-Browser allows system integrators to use the SMART TV platform to communicate with their server headend. This allows the TV to render a custom UI, with access to video-on-demand content and Free-to-Guest content provided by the interactive system.

With the embedded H-Browser in Samsung’s SMART Hospitality TVs, the display is already compatible to the pre-certified platforms, right out of the box, without an additional set-top box.

*Sample only; does not reflect ALL certified platforms

Certified H-Browser Solutions Powered by Tizen



b-LAN is a chip embedded in Samsung’s NE478 series that allows a SONIFI® interactive solutions to be delivered over coaxial cable without additional hardware required such as a set-top or set-back box. It supports the two-way communication required for features such as pay-per-view.

Digital Rights Management (DRM)

DRM is an encryption technology that is built into all of Samsung’s hospitality TVs. By law, HD/premium content must be encrypted to protect from pirating. The content encryption occurs at the source and must be decrypted by either the TV or a set-top box in order to display the content on the screen. Common DRM protocols include Pro:Idiom™, Veramatrix, and Samsung’s LYNK™ DRM

Interactive Program Guide (IPG)

IPG is an enhanced feature that offers an advanced on-screen display to locate TV channel content. A successful IPG deployment requires access to an IPG application, access to a TV program listing database, and the delivery of the IPG digital display template to a TV. Through LYNK REACH, Samsung offers a free IPG or also known as EPG (electronic program guide), which faciliates a ROVI license for TV channel content based on a hotel’s zip code. IPG is a critical piece to hotel TV guest-room tehnology and is often a requirement for many hotel brands.

Property Management System

Software used to automate the operations of a hotel. It is the hub of a property’s operations including processing reservations, checkins, and checkouts. It keeps track of how many rooms you have left to sell and at what rate.

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